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Start Learning how to to fly at London Elstree Aerodrome.

Curious about flying? Keen to get your wings? Looking for a gift idea? Whatever your interest is, we’ll be able to help you out with our experienced team of instructors who have decades of flying experience on airplanes and helicopters.

We generally recommend taking a one-hour trial flight with us, to experience the thrill of the flight and make an informed decision about the best form of flight training for you.

Our Trainings

Multi-Engine (MEP) Rating

Learning to fly a multi-engine aircraft is an exciting step up in your flying skills. Being able to fly a multi-engine aircraft opens you up to a heavier, more powerful and complex aircraft that can get you to places even faster with more performance.

LAPL – Light Aircraft Pilot’s License

Wondering what it’s like to be a pilot? Join us on an introductory flight lesson with our CFI David Smith. Beginning with a thorough briefing (outside of the hour) on the effects of controls and key things that you need to know. 

IMC Rating / IR Rating

When visibility is lower than visual meteorological conditions, IMC rating allows you to pilot your aircraft. This gives you the skills to fly and land in IMC weather conditions. This may only be endorsed on to a UK or EASA license as IMC rating is national.

Night Rating

This add on is one of the easiest add-ons post PPL training, allowing you to fly at night, 30 minutes after sunset & 30 minutes before sunrise. Extremely beneficial for unexpected circumstances, such as delays during flight and needing to land at night rather than being diverted.

EASA PPL (Private Pilot’s License)

Achieve your EASA PPL in 45 hours pursuing a hobby or a career as a pilot. This is the first step towards becoming a commercial pilot. A medical class II will be required before commencing your solo flights. The course intends to provide you with 35 hours of training under supervision and a further 10 hours of solo flying on completion of nine examinations.

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