The UK Flight Training School is located close to Central London. Our address is Hogg Lane, Radlett, Hertfordshire – Elstree Aerodrome, WD6 3AW

There is no minimum or maximum age to start fulfilling the dream of aviation. But our recommendations are to start from the age of 15 or from a height of 1.5 meters or more as you will need to be able to reach the pedals and see what happens around you (spatial vision).

You do not need any prior knowledge to become a pilot, everything will be taught during the course.

Anyone can become a pilot, but we highly recommend taking a practice lesson with one of our professional flight instructors first. 

The PPL Course consists of a minimum of 45 hours that include 25 hours of double training, 10 hours of solo flying and an exam.

The first part of the course is the understanding of Visual Flight Rules (VFR), a set of regulations under which a pilot operates for flight in visual meteorological conditions (VMC).

Only after completing this stage will you be able to continue to the Instrument flight rules (IFR), it’s called instrument flight because the pilot navigates only by reference to the instruments in the aircraft cockpit.

The theoretical stage consists of 9 written exams and a radiotelephony communication exam.

The first stage of the PPL License is undergoing CAA medical health checks, without passing these examinations, you will not be able to have your first solo flight.

You certainly don’t need to be British. Everyone from all over the world can be a PPL (Private Pilot License). The license issued to you at the end of the course is valid throughout Europe too.

Also, if you wish to obtain a pilot license suitable for  flying in the United States – it’s possible! In this case we require medical tests to be performed for an american license and test.

*If you don’t hold a UK or European citizenship, you can pre-register for a full course and receive a letter to help you obtain a visa for a longer stay if necessary.

There are affordable solutions for everyone with a dream. One of our options is to pay per hour, a flexible solution for those who wish to advance at their own pace without taking on too much.

Another option is to purchase the full course for a fixed price and divide it into a number of monthly payments. We currently do not offer scholarships, we hope to be able to offer this option in the near future.

We have a number of options that you, your family and friends can choose from and enjoy:

  • 60 min Flight Simulator (two way) – including a short stop for a coffee at a chosen aerodrome.

  • 30 min Flight Simulator – a 30 min flight across London, you will receive your official “First Flight Certificate” at the end of your flight. You have the option to capture this special moment on video or camera yourself (free) or by our team of professionals (extra payment).

  • Romantic getaway – Enjoy a romantic 3 hour flight to La touquet, France with your loved ones. This package includes an extraordinary lunch at a chosen restaurant located on the beach side and car rides to and from the aerodrome in France.

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